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Our goal and activities

During the war in Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999, a group of people that didn't want to accept the role of the passive observer in the experiment that was made over more then 10 million people of the Balkan, decided to raise its voice against the monstrous act of producing an ecological catastrophe of widest proportions.

After the war, we started the action against depleted uranium. We started it here in Yugoslavia. And we hope that working together with the others with same ideas we can reduce the risk of DU being used again anywhere in the world. We also hope that our work will help people of this region and whole world to understand what threat DU posses, inform them about places of contamination and areas of high risk, educate them how to take care about themselves and put pressure on authorities to act in reducing the risks of DU contamination for the people of Balkan. We see international ban on using depleted uranium as one of the most important tasks for all environmental and health organizations, and we think that only our decisive and persistent action can bring us to achievement of our goals.

Even the thousand mile journey begins with a small step. And we realize that we are a small but important part of the world that care about its future. That's why we are convinced that every single act is valuable in reaching the global aim. Through this site we will try to inform you about our activities and to inspire others to join us in our mission.

Maybe we cannot change the world, maybe we even can't make a thing about DU better, but at least we are trying to show that we are still alive. And remember, what happened to us can also happen to you. Because DU does not chose between white and black, women and man, Serbian or Albanian. It only chooses between life and death.