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How can you help our work?

People in Yugoslavia have been living under sanctions for more then 7 years now. In 1989. Yugoslavia was much closer to enter European Union then Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Bulgaria. In 1999, after three wars and NATO campaign, Yugoslavia is the poorest country in Europe, with GNP of less then 1000 $ per capita. Main question among the people in Serbia these days is how to survive, how to keep apartments warm without electricity, how to find food. There is no gas, there is no electricity. All we have are the memories of the time when we were living like all normal people. And most of the people are not responsible for what is happening. They are looking for help and understanding from Europe and USA. But, until now, they couldn't find any. It started with sanctions and it finished with bombs. And depleted uranium.

Despite all problems, we are determine to act. We want to make our and lives of our neighbors better. We want our country to be what it deserves, respectful and wealthy European country. There is a problem in Yugoslavia leadership, and majority of people of Yugoslavia would gladly see them gone. But there is also a problem materialized in the Balkan policy of the West, based on "divide and conquer" principles.

We need all kind of help in order to cover DU topic fast and effective. Every single piece of advice or suggestion or some kind of equipment is more then welcome. As is any sum of money that you can send us. All of this is really fundamental for this idea to become alive, as there are practically no funds available, and no experience from the past.

If you want to help us, contact us on this address:

Bul. Februar 65a, 18000 Nis, Yugoslavia

Phone: 381 18 43 166, Fax: 381 18 43 828 - Nikola Bozinovic


Also, if you want to help us and our people, you can do that on different way:

Or you can just write an email to someone you know in Yugoslavia. Sometimes the words are the best cure and help.