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DU in Kosovo War - Exclusive

On these pages we will try to inform you about our latest discoveries about DU being used during the war in Yugoslavia, it the spring of 1999. Visit this page often in order to stay in touch with the latest news about DU in Yugoslavia.

1. Here is an official report made by official service of Institute for Health Care of Workers in Nis. This is an exclusive document, and first of its kind to reach public. Until we translate it, you can find some useful notes below.


Its title is "Report about analyses of radionucleids content in samples from NATO projectiles and ground from battle zone where enemy used depleted uranium".

Method of gamma spectroscopy was used for the analysis.

Samples were: one uranium bullet core (#1), one uranium bullet surface layer (#2) and 14 ground samples (#3 through #16).

Columns are:

  1. sample #
  2. sample name, mass in grams, location and sampling date
  3. specific activity of U235 with error given (Bq/kg)
  4. specific activity of U238 with error given (Bq/kg)
  5. comment ("Kontaminirano" means "Contaminated", "nije kontaminirano" means "Not contaminated" and "vrlo izrazena kontaminacija" means "very high level of contamination" - samples 14 an 15).

Everyone interested in further details about this report should contact